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My name is Edward Khoo & I was officially diagnosed with PTSD, OCD & depression before I discovered inner peace with the help of weight lifting. As a way to express my gratitude towards this wonderful sport that has completely changed my life around, I have created this website to share my knowledge with anyone who’s interested in transforming their lives. It has taken me months to set this website up, & years of trials and errors before achieving this physique. Please consider sharing this website on social media sites if you find it useful.

With just a simple share, your effort can potentially save someone else’s life.

“No pain, no gain”.

You’ve probably lost count of the number of times you have seen this phrase on an advertisement so it’s got to be right – right? Wrong! That’s one of the biggest myths in fitness, and it needs to be buried in the graveyard. Weight lifting shouldn’t hurt, it should help!

It’s time to de-bunk the TOP 4 LIES that keep weight lifting in the dark ages – and holding you back from the chiseled body you have always wanted:

1. Feel the burn (“Go hard or go home!”). While a slight burn is normal, working out to “failure” does more harm than good, especially for those who have just started out.

2. Steroids are the only way to bulk muscle size. With an effective muscle building program, healthy diet & plenty of rest, you can build quality muscle without having to rely on drugs.

3. The more weights you pile on the bar, the stronger you are. Not true if you’re using cheat reps to lift that weight. There’s a reason why people claim that ‘form is the king‘.

4. There are no shortcuts to increase your body strength. Bull. You don’t need to be a gym rat to gain solid muscle. A solid workout, done with proper form within an hour, 3 to 4 times a week is good enough for those who want to look good & comfortable in their shirts. That’s less than four hours a week – and anyone can do that!

Starting a new program of healthy nutrition and adding an exercise routine to an already busy schedule can be stressful. There’s a new routine in place – and some of us have a hard time adapting to new routines. So, after a few trips to the gym, we throw in the towel – figuratively and literally. We just stop going. And that expensive gym membership sits collecting dust just like the exercise bike you bought. Where is that thing, anyway? In the basement? The garage? Or did you sell it at your last tag sale?

Folks figure they’re going to get ripped in a week and when THAT doesn’t happen, the power rack becomes a clothes rack. We all know people who’ve started this program or that, only to discover that it was too hard, to unforgiving, to regimented and way too strict.

So why do all these so-called “gurus” keep re-packaging the same old myths and outdated techniques, insisting you to follow their programs?

Because they’re all about bogus claims and fast buck.

For them, it’s a numbers game: Follow their ‘insert-fancy-name-here’ exercise program (to the tee, mind you), and you’ll see results in less than 8 weeks. (See how much muscle can you really gain?)

Get on a medicine ball, do some crunches & you’ll get those washboard abs normally seen on fitness magazine. Try the latest fad diet and you’ll be a gorgeous hunk in three weeks. Work through the pain. Push beyond your limits… Who are these people? Have they even tried working out themselves? I mean, it’s impossible for anyone to gain that amount of muscle in such a short period of time, not even those who are genetically gifted.

These fad exercise programs come and go. Few weeks into it & you still haven’t noticed any changes in your body. Your motivation starts to drop. And before you even realize, you’re back to your usual self – only your self-esteem and your wallet have just taken a hefty beating. Believe me, I understand. I see these programs all over the Internet and NONE of those offer quality and sound advices.

Frustrated, I decided to create this website so that I can share some of the things I have learned throughout my fitness journey so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did, so please consider sharing this website with your friends & your loved ones so that they can be benefited as well.


- Implement both compound & isolation exercises into your workout routine. Compound exercises should remain as the core of your workout routine, with isolation exercises as supplement. Compound exercises put more stress on several body parts when you’re working out, which incur more stress, and in return you’ll gain more muscles. However, it also means that there will be several body parts that lag behind. Isolation exercises should be included as supplement exercises to develop a symmetrical physique.

- Emphasize on eccentric motion. Most mechanical tension (a.k.a. stress) incurred during the lowering phase of your movement, which is good because metabolic fatigue will help in muscle building.

- Train at 70 – 80% of your 1RM. This is a grey area, but generally I have found out that doing 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps at 70 to 80% of your one rep max helps me to gain the most muscle mass. Doing too light will increase your muscle endurance, while lifting heavy weights will increase your strength. Our goal is to focus on activating sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, as our main objective is to build muscle mass.


- Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Depending on several criteria, your calorie intake varies & you need to eat more than this amount in order to build muscle. Remember, your body will only grow if you’re consuming enough calories. Having sugary foods with some random meat in your lunch/dinner will not build you any muscle. You need to eat enough macro & micronutrients reach your target weight.

- Track Calories. Learning to read a food nutrition label is vital in calculating your daily calories, but don’t worry if you do not know the exact calories of the foods you eat. With Myfitnesspal.com, all you have to do is to insert the foods & the servings, & the rest will be calculated for you. Yes, it’s time consuming for some of you, but it’s necessary if your goal is to build some quality muscle.

- Substitution. Most people failed to get that sculptured physique because they drastically changed their diet plan into something that they’re not used to. It’s important to gradually replace one food with another so that you give your body ample time for adaptation. Most yo-yo diets encourage users to restrict a certain food groups to avoid gaining weight, but once users have reached their target goals, they will immediately succumb to binge eating because those fad diets do not promote long-lasting weight loss, and users often ended up getting fatter than they used to be.

- Track Your Progress. This is really important, especially for those who have been training for quite some time. You see, if you look into the mirror every day in your life, chances are you’ll not notice any difference at all. Your eyeballs are used to seeing the same body every day, so unless you use a measurement tape to track down your progress, you’ll probably think that there’s no improvement from your end, when the reality is that you have just gained an inch to your bicep.

- Choose your protein wisely. Not all protein sources are created equally. Nuts, grains, vegetables & fruits are incomplete protein, which means they do not contain all the essential amino acids, while most meat sources are higher-quality protein sources because they have varying amount of amino acids. There are several scales used to evaluate protein quality, and the most commonly used and accepted method is known as protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS).

- Having a diet plan that fits your lifestyle. Most people have the misconception that diet means starving yourself to lose weight. Actually, diet means a meal plan that you eat on a consistent basis. To design a meal plan that fits your goal, you have to access your financial situation to make sure that you can afford those meals on a consistent basis, & go through a nutrition test to see if you are food intolerance.

- Eat Calorie Dense Food. This is very important, especially for those who are ectomorph. While protein remains as the main component in muscle building, the effort goes to waste if you eat less than what your body needs. It’s easy for someone who’s a heavy eater, but if you’re born naturally small & stuffing so much food into your mouth sounds like a daunting task, consider to eat calorie dense food, which will help you get over your TDEE requirement.

- Prepare Food in Advance, & bring em with you! Shop for groceries during the weekend, weigh them to fit your daily macros & put them into a container so that you can just take it out from the fridge & cook it right away. You need to take in enough protein to build muscle, and unfortunately eating outside makes it much harder to meet your daily calorie requirement. Unless you know what you’re eating, chances are you will eat less than the necessary amount. (Most people have the misconception that being full means you have taken enough calories for the day.)


- Overtraining. Your muscles will only grow when you’re resting. Working out every single day will inhibit the progress, and make sure you do not train the same body part within 48 hours, because putting your body in a recovery deficit is going to do more harm to your body than good. Too long of a workout exhaust your nervous and endocrine system, decrease your levels of growth hormone and testosterone (anabolic hormones) and increase your level of cortisol. (The hormone that uses muscle as source of energy, which will reduce your lean muscle mass).

You can read all you want but as long as your butt is lodged into the couch cushion, you won’t derive the benefits described in this text.

Right here in front of your eyes you have all the knowledge you need to kick-start your journey. The main reason so many people choose to procrastinate or give up is because they’ve no idea what they are doing. They simply pick any celebrity workout routine featured on fitness magazine, only to end up in failure. Those programs were all designed to help celebrities get ripped for their filming session, so chances are they will have their own personal trainers, chefs, and a whole day to train – and that is impossible for most of us.

That was the genesis of this website – to develop a series of proven exercises and to educate people on nutrition basics without causing a major disruption to long-established routines.

Now that I have explained everything to you, you’ll be able to start working out a sense of mindfulness and confidence. When things get tough and you look in the mirror and don’t see any changes yet, the one thing that will keep you going is that every single drop of your sweat will not go wasted. Trust me, all my workout routines are designed to fit into any schedule, and if you’re willing to pour in the effort, it will equip you with something that you could live for your whole life.

You have nothing to lose except stored body fat, aching joints, sore muscles and that daily fatigue – the mid-afternoon blahs.

I’d appreciate it if you can stay in touch with me. Whether you have some stories that you want to share, or you want to ask for advices, I will do my best to help you. All you have to do is to visit my contact page and fill in the form.

If this website has successfully changed your life, please contact me in near future, together with your before and after picture to let me know how you’re doing! I want to how it has changed you and it would definitely be an honour if I can get a testimonial from you. Hopefully I will be able to collect enough testimonials to inspire others who have suffered from the same illnesses as me and let them know that everything is possible.

The journey is going to be a long but enjoyable one, so I wish you all the best, and never, ever give up on your dream.

Don’t forget to help spread the awareness so that more people can be helped!