About Us

BuildMuscle.org was created back in year 2010 as a guide for those who wish to look great in front of a mirror. Weight lifting has done a lot for the writers behind this website, so consider this a way for us to give back to the community – all for free.

We truly believe that the keys to fitness success are the right information, motivation and nutrition. You need the best information out there to maximize your effort in lesser time. You need motivation so you will continue doing it for years, if not the rest of your life. But all of these are nothing without nutrition information, which is probably one of the main reasons why most people struggled to get the body they desired of. As you read through the articles that we have posted on this website, you will noticed that we do not promote any sort of supplemental products (with the exception of protein shake), as eating natural foods will help you in achieving your goals faster & more effective than taking costly magical pills which does nothing but harm to your body.