Advanced Workout Routine

Advanced Workout Plan

After concurring the beginner and intermediate workout plans, your next step is to really start challenging the body with this new, advanced workout program design. In this program you’re going to be adding movements such as drop sets and compound supersets to really evoke a high level of growth hormone and testosterone release that will have you adding more lean muscle mass faster than ever.

Since you are more advanced with your lifting you should be able to tolerate this higher intensity level but at the same time, do be sure that you’re still keeping an eye out for how well you are recovering.

If at any point you notice that the amount of weight you’re able to lift is going down, that is your first inclination that you aren’t recovery as well as you should and it would be a wise decision to back off the weights slightly to give your body more time to heal itself.

If you ever enter back into the gym to perform a second workout before you are fully recovered, this could result in you getting weaker rather than stronger.