Dumbbell Home Workout

dumbellIf you’re looking to move away from the gym for your own home workout plan but still want to see great results, you can put your mind at ease because with the right exercise selection, you can definitely obtain top-notch muscle building progress all in the comfort of your own home.

It’ll be best if you can get an adjustable set of dumbbells to use with this workout as that will help you target your muscles with a variety of weight levels. If you can also get a barbell with weighted plates that’s even better, however it’s not necessary if you’re on a budget.

This program is designed just around a set of dumbbells, however if you do have that barbell, feel free to swap out the dumbbells for the barbells in whichever exercises you prefer.

If you’re taking a relaxing vacation away or you’re headed out on business and know you’re going to be on the road, having a good workout program to turn to will be a very critical element in keeping up with your fitness progress.

Unfortunately, far too many people overlook the benefits of pre-planning their workout program before they leave.  If you don’t go in with a plan, the chances that you just skip your workout entirely will be that much greater.

If you know what you’ll be doing ahead of time though, then it’s really just a matter of putting that plan into action.

This said, the primary things that you’ll want to focus on with your on the go workout plan is keeping the sessions shorter since you likely won’t have hours to dedicate to doing the workouts and then also keeping them higher paced.

By doing so you’ll burn more calories, produce a good metabolic spike, and help to maintain your strength level during the time away.

Note for those of you who are quite a bit stronger out there, it’s very likely that they won’t have the range of dumbbells that you’d need to really evoke that overloading response, which is why we’ve taken the rep ranges up considerably on these exercises.

By performing more reps you’ll still place an overloading stimulus on the body, thus make progress.

Note : For any exercises listed below using dumbbells, you can choose to use resistance band or any suitable equipment to replace it