Jumpstart BodyWeight Workout

Body Weight Training

It is important to understand the dynamics of strength training, as to its effect on the body, before you approach machines vs. free weights. Another alternative to seriously consider is using your own body weight for strength training. Bodyweight exercises are usually associated with cardio training, but can also be used to build bigger muscles and increase strength.

Let’s start with the benefits and drawbacks of bodyweight training. Bodyweight training is obviously advantageous to someone who can’t afford weight training equipment or a gym membership. It also is preferable for individuals who have been previously injured by weight lifting equipment machines, or who experience frequent soreness. Bodyweight training leads to more balance in terms of cardio vascular training as well as body flexibility. Bodyweight training is also “scalable” in that you simply add weights to your arms or legs whenever you feel the need to increase the intensity. Popular bodyweight rep moves include push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.

The inherent flaw of bodyweight exercise is that the weight always stays the same. While you can add small weights to your arms and legs, no one can realistically add 200 pounds to his or her back without risking serious injury. This does make bodyweight training slightly less effective than other methods of training at keeping up a high intensity level.

If you’re someone who wants to build strength and muscular endurance but yet doesn’t have the time to go to a public gym or just can’t afford the cost of an expensive membership, a body weight workout plan is the perfect thing for you.
Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been at it a while, body weight workouts can still pose a challenge to your body and help to take your strength to the next level. The important thing to remember is that you want to move through them quickly as that will be what brings on the high rate of fatigue that you’re looking for so you can see those great improvements in your physique.
You’re going to notice in the following program that the sets are taken into the higher range for the few exercises that you perform. The idea here is to increase the volume up high enough to overload those muscle tissues and get them responding.
This also works well because then if you do experience a plateau in progress, you can quickly switch out one or two of the movements for other exercises and that will be a fast way to jumpstart the program once again.

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