This is a list of questions that I often get from my personal training clients. If you have just started weight lifting & not sure if what you have heard before were anecdotal advices, check out this list & see if you get that myth debunked.

1. Does eating fats make you fat?
– Nope, you’ll only gain weight when you eat more than your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). Yup, you can lose fat by eating more fats if you want! It’s the excessive amount of macronutrients that’ll make you fat, not just fats alone.

2. What’s the best food that helps build muscle mass?
– The one that fits your body’s biochemistry are considered as the ‘best food’, & it varies based on individual. Choose the one that fills in your tummy, and doesn’t upset it.

3. What oil should I use to cook foods with?
– Coconut oil & non-stick cooking spray. Olive oil loses it’s healthy properties when cooked using high temperature.

4. Does eating too much protein cause kidney stone?
– Only if you do not drink enough water, & maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

5. How much protein do I need to build muscle?
– 1-1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Make sure that most of them comes from whole foods.

6. So the more protein I eat, the more muscle I gain?
– Not necessarily. If you eat a lot of protein, but your total amount of calorie is less than your TDEE, then you’ll still not able to gain muscle mass.

7. What sort of vegetables should I eat?
– Anything that’s green in colour.

8. Should I avoid fruit because it contains fructose?
– Nope, while it contains fructose, fruit also has a lot of micronutrients, and they’re often low in calorie. Get a serving or two a day to keep your body healthy & energised.

9. I am a vegetarian, can I build muscle without eating meat?
– Sure you can! Get your protein from a combination sources of nuts, seeds, plants, & beans. Don’t get it from just one source because plants (except soy) do not contain all the essential amino acids.